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Global Airtrack - PERFORMANCE

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The Global Airtrack - PERFORMANCE series provides tracks with a thickness of 300mm providing an exceptional rebound quality designed for elite jumpers

Price from: £1,288.00
Price from: £1,288.00

Full Description

The Global Airtrack PERFORMANCE series is ideal for juniors and adults in performance situations in gymnastics clubs, display teams and high level acrobatic situations. 

The PERFORMANCE model has a thickness of 300mm to allow larger and stronger gymnasts who requrie an extra powerful rebound to use the track for higher level activities.

All models of the CLUB Global Airtrack are manufactured with a double-wall fabric to give a durable track with excellent rebound. This technology gives an even surface and consistent pressure without constant air supply.

The Global Airtracks feature:

  • Extra reinforcement on all corners, top and bottom
  • Soft VELCRO® fixed to all sides to allow multiple tracks to be used to form longer tracks or areas using a VELCRO® fastener.
  • Strong handles on both sides of the Airtrack make handling and moving the track easy. The handles are self-coloured to complement the track
  • Three different valve systems to enable use with most blower inflators


The PERFORMANCE model of the Global Airtrack is available in five lengths

  • 5m
  • 8m
  • 10m
  • 12m
  • 15m

Almost every jump is possible on the Global Airtrack PERFORMANCE - from standing jumps such as backflips through to the most complicated of competition tumbles. The track has a rebound of exceptional quality so it is also ideal for combination moves. The number of linked moves depends on the length of the track. Typically on a 5m track, 3 jumps can be made in combination


The PERFORMANCE model airtracks are all 300mm thick


The PERFORMANCE models airtracks are all 2m wide to provide a good level of safety for combination and higher level jumps


The PERFORMANCE model airtracks are supplied in two colours:

The 5m track is entirely black. All other length tracks have a BLUE top with GREY sides and centreline

PLEASE NOTE: The Global Airtracks are not supplied with a blower which must be purchased separately. You can use either the Hitachi blower or the Elephant blower shown to the right