We manufacture a full range of gymnastic landing mats, from FIG approved competition dismount mats, through safety (crash) mats to individual exercise mats for gym, school and home use.

We are often requested to manufacture bespoke landing mats by diverse organisations including gyms in unusually shaped buildings, the MoD, circuses, cabaret shows and many others. We can usually manufacture a bespoke mat or package of mats specifically for your requirements. Please call to discuss your exact requirements and to request a quotation.

As a UK based manufacturer, we are pleased to be able to make mats to suit your requirements. We offer a wide range of colours for mats - please see our PVC colour range here.

This section shows mats used primarily for gymnastics. If you are looking for general purpose exercise mats please see our PE mats section.

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  1. SPIETH - Soft landing block

    Soft landing blocks to create a raised dismount pit

    Price from: £1,572.00
  2. VELCRO® - 100mm wide hook fastener

    100mm wide hook VELCRO® strips to join Tribond carpet surface rolls together to create floor areas

    Price from: £3.00
  3. Carpet roll dolly

    Simple transport system for carpet rolls and matting rolls of any circumference

    Price from: £123.00
  4. Multipurpose judo / gym / wrestling mat

    A genuine multipurpose exercise mat - cross between a judo mat and an exercise mat - designed for judo, gymnastics and wrestling and all similar activities.

    Price from: £92.00
  5. Bespoke matting

    Bespoke matting for any purpose. Huge range of colours, materials and performances. Made to suit your requirements and usage. Full colour digital printing service available.

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Items 13-17 of 17

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