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Line marking drawings

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Production of line marking drawings for sports hall courts

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We regularly prepare line marking drawings of sports court lines for architects, builders and facility operators. We ensure compliance with governing body requirements and can also point out typical compromises that are made when complete compliance isn't practical.

Our price includes as many iterations of the drawing as you require and is provided in PDF and or CAD versions.

As you are purchasing the drawings you can provide them to other line marking companies, or we would be pleased to use them for Continental to line mark your floor ourselves - if we are line marking your floor we deduct the cost of the line marking drawings from our quotation to carry out the line marking so that the drawing is effectively free of charge if we are awarded the marking work.

For the charge we provide:

  • As many iterations of the line marking layout as necessary
  • A colour coded combined drawing showing all the courts overlaid
  • Colour coded dimensioned drawings of each sport's lines shown individually

Once you have purchased this item we will contact you to confirm the dimensions of your facility and the courts and sports that you require accomodating prior to preparation of the drawings

To see details of the individual requirements for each sport please click on the Techical Information button above