Court markings and court dimensions

Line markings and court dimensionsContinental would be delighted to assist in the design of the layout of your hall and the coordination of the line markings required for the various sports you intend to play. It is vital that the sports equipment is coordinated with the sports equipment and the dimensions of the sports equipment you purchase so we believe the lowest risk is to have the lines set out by the same people setting out the sports equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice with regard to dimensions of courts, layouts, run-offs, typical compromises etc. We would also be pleased to prepare a coordination line marking drawing for your project. We charge £350 for the production of line marking drawings including as many iterations are necessary and we are pleased to offer a credit to that value if we are appointed to carry out the line marking work in your facility.

We can mark courts on any type of sports flooring – from vinyl / polymer type floors to solid timber floors including the necessary seal on top of the lines on timber floors.

We have set out below various governing body recommendations for different sports along with court marking drawings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sport England's current guidance on the standard size of a 4 court sports hall is now 34.5m x 20m x 7.5m. Previously the standard dimensions were 33m x 18m x 7.6m, although many halls are still being constructed to the old standards. Sport England has also standardised the terminology for the different levels of each sport into the following categories (from Recreational, Club, County, Regional, National, International):

  • Community
  • Club
  • Premier
  • International


Line colours

We are regularly asked what colour the lines for different sports should be painted. There are few hard and fast rules for multi-sport environments (most specific guidance is for high level facilities with only one sport marked) but the general guidance is: (1) avoid using the same colour for more than one sport, and (2) ensure the lines contrast with the floor colour. The guidance from the different popular sports is as follows:

Sport Guidance Typical colour actually used Source of guidance
Badminton "preferably white or yellow" White Laws of Badminton
Basketball "white or other contrasting colour" Black Official Basketball Rules
Five-a-side no guidance Yellow  
Futsal "clearly distinguishable from the colour of the pitch" Orange or Blue Futsal - laws of the game
  PLEASE NOTE: The laws of the game of Futsal specify "All lines must be 8cm wide". This can visually overwhelm the other sports lines particularly in a small hall (other lines are 50mm and 40mm for badminton). In smaller halls it is therefore common to paint 50mm lines for Futsal to prevent that sport dominating.
Handball no guidance Orange Rules of the Game (Indoor Handball)
Netball "preferably white" Red INF Rules of Netball
Volleyball "of a light colour which is different from the colour of the floor and from any other lines" Light green or light blue FIVB Official Volleyball Rules
Tennis "clearly contrasting with the colour of the surface" Yellow ITF Rules of Tennis
Indoor hockey "a light colour which contrasts with the playing surface and are a different colour to any other lines on the floor. For higher level competitions, or when there are no other markings, the lines should be white" Blue or orange FIH Facilities guidance - INDOOR HOCKEY

Line Priority

We are regularly asked to confirm which lines take precedence in order of painting. The general rule on line priority (i.e. which lines are painted on top when they cross other courts, and which are underneath others) is that the faster the activity, the smaller the projectile, and the more important the line, the higher the priority.

Therefore the fast sport of badminton with a small projectile is normally the top priority and most badminton courts are marked on top of other lines. Sports such as netball and football require lower emphasis on the lines so those lines are lower priority and will be underneath other sports lines.

The exception to the above is in halls that have a particular sport focus. So if a hall is primarly used for netball but accommodates other sports then the netball court will be painted on top of all other courts.

  1. Badminton
  2. Basketball
  3. Boccia
  4. Cricket
  5. Fencing
  6. Five-a-side football
  7. Futsal
  8. Handball
  9. Hockey (indoor)
  10. Korfball
  11. Netball
  12. Tchoukball
  13. Tennis
  14. Volleyball