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Outdoor digital timer / clock

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Digital clocks and timers with count-up / count-down functions with red LED display. Available in a range of sizes. Suitable for outdoor use.

Price from: £591.00
Price from: £591.00

Full Description

We provide two types of timer / clock suitable for outdoor rugged environments. They are protected by a matt polycarbonate fascia:

  • Clock - shows time of day and date. 4-digit display
  • Timer - provides count-up, count-down and "workout" modes for timing. Time of day and date are shown when not timing. 4-digit or 6-digit display

They are ideal for outdoor sports facilities, factories and public meeting areas.

For timing, they are controlled by a removable hand-held control panel on a 5m cable. Programming and setting the time is done be use of an infra-red remote control.

Timers provide the following features:

  • Count-up timer: hundredths / seconds / minutes (MM:SS)
  • Count-down timer: (MM:SS)
  • Timer mode: count-up or count-down from a set-value
  • “Workout” mode: to manage sequences of exercises / rest periods.

Timers / clocks are available with an optional GPS / DCF timing signal antennae to ensure they always keep perfectly accurate time without user intervention.

They are mains powered and therefore require a suitable 13amp power supply (socket of fused spur) in the vicinity of the timer / clock.

The prices shown are for supply only. If you would prefer the timer to be installed by Continental technicians, please add a "Timer installation" to your basket before checkout.

The timers / clocks come in two versions:

  • 4 digit - for clocks or timers
  • 6 digit - for timers

and three digit sizes:

  • 9cm with 35m readability
  • 16cm with 60m readability
  • 25cm with 120m readability
The 16cm digit clock features an integral horn and the 16cm and 25cm clocks feature integral thermometers to enable display of the current temperature. 

Dimensions of 4-digit timers / clocks:

  • 9cm high digits: 460mm x 180mm x 90mm
  • 16cm high digits: 830mm x 320mm x 90mm
  • 25cm high digits: 1230mm x 400mm x 90mm

Dimensions of 6-digit timers:

  • 9cm high digits: 700mm x 180mm x 90mm
  • 16cm high digits: 1230mm x 320mm x 90mm