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Overhead rope trackway

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Overhead retractable rope trackway with a range of climbing accessories


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An overhead rope trackway is often a practical answer to your requirements where available wall space is limited. Any height of ceiling can be accommodated as can any length of trackway.

Any combination of the following can be chosen to operate from the rope trackway:

  • Climbing ropes (9cm / 3.5" and 11.5cm / 4.5" circumference)
  • Knotted ropes
  • Trapeze
  • Handrings
  • Linked rings
  • Interchangeable handrings / trapeze

To prevent people climbing dangerously high when rope trackways are installed on high roof structures we can replace the top section of all accessories with chain which is very difficult / impossible to climb.

All the items from the suspension points are operated by a pulley system and tie off cleat and are retracted and stored against the wall when not in use.

PLEASE NOTE: the accessories (e.g. ropes, ladders etc.) on this frame are designed for climbing and not swinging.

The price of this item depends on the number of "drops" and the height of your room - please contact us for details.