Tables and Benches

Continental manufacture a range of steel PE equipment, from agility tables, through wobble boards, to steel linking and bridging equipment. We are the UK leaders in PE equipment.

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  1. Nesting agility tables

    Nesting agility tables for physical education

    Price from: £96.00
  2. Nesting agility table set

    Nesting table sets - the better value way to buy nesting agility tables

    Price from: £254.00
  3. Timber PE bench - 6' (1.8m) with hooks

    Traditional timber lacquered PE balance benches manufactured in the UK to British Standards

    Price from: £186.00
  4. Coloured timber bench

    Primary PE benches in a range of bright colours

    Price from: £185.00
  5. Circular movement table

    Circular PE movement agility tables

    Price from: £218.00
  6. Upholstered PE benches

    Cushioned upholstered benches for PE in a range of colours

    Price from: £168.00
  7. Upholstered PE agility stools

    Upholstered stools for agility, balance and as part of agilty equipment layouts in PE

    Price from: £168.00
  8. Vaulting buck

    Traditional vaulting buck upholstered in hide

    Price from: £707.00
  9. Steel bar box

    Steel bar box for vaulting, agility and linking and bridging

    Price from: £393.00

9 Items

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