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Premier boot wiper

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Premier Boot Wiper for single person use. Available in two widths and freestanding, socketed, or floor fixed versions

Price from: £436.05
Price from: £436.05

Full Description

Premier Boot Wipers. Designed for use outside communal changing areas, Premier Boot Wipers are extremely sturdy and hard-wearing.

The Premier Boot Wipers are manufactured from 2mm thick x 50.8mm diameter steel and polyester powder coated textured matt black.

Available in two widths:

  • 1.1m
  • 1.75m

And three types:

  • Freestanding
  • Floor fixed (identical to freestanding but supplied with two fixing plates - bolts / fixings are not supplied)
  • Socketed (including extended legs and sockets for setting into the ground)

The units are 1m high with bottom and side brushes.

Including two (on the 1.1m version) or four (on the 1.75m version) individual 610mm long x 73mm wide bottom brushes and two individual 152mm long x 73mm wide side brushes.

The brushes have 65mm long black bristles.

The wipers feature two internal shoe scraping plates for added safety.

The wipers are polyester powder coated matt black.

Please note: the brushes are a consumable item and will wear over time but can be replaced