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Speed ropes

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Speed ropes for skipping fitness, coordination and timing training

Price from: £15.00
Price from: £15.00

Full Description

This Speed Rope is flawless in its design, perfectly balanced out weight provides an efficient workout. Performing unbeatable speeds due to the plastic coated steel cable.


The Speed Rope is designed to improve and enhance the users skill - mastering Double-Unders and many more.


Supplied with an easy friction tight screw mechanism to adjust the length of the rope to fit any user.

Well Balanced

The Origin Speed Rope handles are specifically lighter than the rope, this provide a smooth and comfortable workout


  • Excellent for beginners - elite to enhance their footwork, endurance and over all skill
  • Easily Adjustable to fit any height
  • Coated Cable provides extra speed and durability
  • Lighter handles with a heavier rope - provides a well balanced workout
  • Bearings on each of the handles for easy and quick rotations

The Speed Rope is available in two colours:

  • Black
  • Red