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Sports hall curtains

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Sports hall curtains for visual barriers. Divide and visually separate large halls


Full Description

Operating in the same way as traditional netting and canvas sports hall divider curtains (manually drawn and suspended from runners in aluminium trackway), but utilising a range of solid fabrics in a range of colours.

These curtains can provide solid backdrops as sight screens such as is necessary for high level badminton, or visual barriers for privacy for certain activities or to prevent viewing between sections of the hall.

Materials that can be used include:

  • Trevira - a polypropylene fabric in a range of colours
  • Wool serge - a heavy 100% wool fabric in a range of colours with sound absorbing properties
  • Premier blackout - a black material totally impermeable to light
  • Canvas - similar to the canvas used on sports hall divider curtains
  • Plastic - suitable for poolside locations

Please contact us for discussions regarding the material that most suits your requirements - we can source a wide range of alternatives.