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SPIETH - TCS - Tension Control Sensor

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SPIETH TCS - Tension Control Sensor. Ensure the correct cable tension of cable tensioned gymnastics apparatus.

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Full Description

The Spieth TCS - Tension Control system - FIG CertifiedFIG certified

The tensioning measuring device prevents tensioned cables on gymnastics apparatus from being adjusted to too low or too high a tension. The digital display clearly shows the tension which no longer has to rely on "feel"

When the tension becomes too low or too high it is shown by means of a flashing light signal.

Guarantees the same tension characteristics of an apparatus and is quick to set up for athletes & coaches.

Supplied in a solid plastic case.

Equipped with flashing light and start button

Displays the battery level + and the tension in N.

The device gives the tension in Newton a range from 0 N to 10.000 N with increments of 100.

Each tensioned gymnastics apparatus requires one tensioning measuring device.

The video below shows the method of installation and usage of the Spieth Tension Control Sensor:


PLEASE NOTE: This is a product only for use indoor and in a non-humid area in max. altitude 2.000 m and maximum relative humidity of 80% for temperatures up to 31°C, linear decrease up to 50% / relative humidity at 40°C.