PVC colour range from Continental SportsAM I RESTRICTED TO YOUR STANDARD COLOURS?

Our designers will work with you to reflect your distinct branding, style and chosen look & feel or if you prefer we can suggest a scheme for your facility. We manufacture everything in-house so your choice of design variations is virtually unlimited.

We offer 6 colour choices for the trampoline bed – light blue, dark blue, green, red, grey and black. Our jumping surface is UltraMesh which is an anti-slip heavy duty mesh that is much more pleasant to jump on that the shiny black material used by most trampoline park systems.

We incorporate a second redundant layer under the UltraMesh (as required by the PAS5000:2017 standard) of USA made Permatron woven polypropylene.

Around the bed we incorporate sewn in no-jumping zone borders. Those are available in 12 different colours. They can be consistent throughout your facility or you can use different colours in different areas - there are no restrictions as we sew all our beds in-house.

We offer 27 different colours of PVC for your padded elements (trampoline coverall pads and padded panelling). You can mix and match colours around and within your facility in any way you choose - our designers will work with you to show you how different colour combinations look in a 3D render.

Our metal framework is epoxy powder coated in matt black as standard but if for any reason you would like any other colour we offer 216 different colours!

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