We cost the different areas (e.g. pitted areas, raised walkway areas, main jumping areas, basketball runways etc.) accurately using a Bill of Material for each item to reflect your preferred layout, but then we can combine that to give you an average cost per m2.

The majority of elements are priced between £205/m2 and £325/m2 but some of the smaller footprint elements such as digital interactive activities can cost up to £800/m2. The average price for a typical size park is normally around £285/m2 but does depend on the mix of activities you offer and your layout. A typical 25,000 sq ft facility with 60% activity area and a typical mix of activities will cost around £350,000 to £400,000 + VAT for the activity related items (i.e. trampolines, Ninja courses, obstacle courses, Parkour areas) including airbags, foam pits, circulation areas, steps and balustrade. However please use this as a guideline for your budgeting - there are many variables and our costing methodology is far more detailed and accurate than a simple price per square metre so please call to discuss your project and to obtain an accurate costing.

The lowest cost items in a trampoline park are standard square trampolines. The larger the park, the bigger the proportion of the lower cost items, so the lower is the resulting price per m2 overall.
As a manufacturing company we also offer a wide range of different specifications for many elements of our trampoline park system. Our standard system is the spec that we recommend, but we can remove some elements or provide a lower spec to save costs and equally we can provide additional elements and higher specs to certain areas to improve the look and functionality of your park. All these options and cost implications are discussed and explained at your meeting with our designers and estimators.

You will then have additional costs for your ancillary areas (lockers, reception, café, toilets etc.), decoration such as wall art and any services you require (lighting, heating, air conditioning).

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