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Trampoline spotting rig

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Roof fixed trampoline spotting rig with wall fixed tie-off cleat

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An overhead trampoline spotting rig comptises: hauling rope, tie off cleats with timber bearers, pulleys and shackles.

This product requires a site survey and / or architectural drawings to determine a safe location for fixing and is generally fixed directly to a main roof beam. Please note that we do not take responsibility for the strength of the beam that the rig is to be fitted to. We can provide loadings and fixings information but we require you to confirm that the beam or support steelwork is strong enough. If you are unable or unwilling to do so you will need to appoint a structure engineer to provide confirmation.

Installation of the rig is by Continental's in-house installation engineers.

The price of the rig does not include a belt which must be purchased to use with the rig.  We offer either an agility belt for somersaults or a twisting belt for somersaults and twists.

The price includes undertaking a survey before fabrication, supply, delivery, installation, and provision of access equipment to get into your roofspace.  It does not include a small additional Area Charge which is based on your postcode to determine travelling time to your facility from our factory.  This will be added at checkout but you do not have to commit to your purchase until after you see the amount of the Area Charge.

PLEASE NOTE: The price for one spotting rig includes the cost of time to assemble and disassemble our aluminium scaffold tower to provide high level access. If you order more than one spotting rig for installation in the same room then we do not have to build the tower again so we are pleased to offer a 15% discount if you purchase two or more rigs.