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Vertical acoustic divider screen

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Sports hall upward retractable folding dividers. Single or double skinned pvc, acoustic material or netting which folds-up into the roofspace. Electrically winched


Full Description

As an alternative to the traditional UK division net, Continental is pleased to offer electronically operated vertical divider screens.

These screens provide fold-up full height synthetic leather screens with two layers of high density pvc with a gap between the layers to provide visual and acoustic barrier properties.

These screens are ideal for larger halls that will be sectioned off for different activities where viewing from one side to the other is undesirable.

The dividers operate using an electronic winch located in the roof space with a wall mounted control panel to raise and lower the curtain.

Operation is extremely smooth and the curtain rapidly raises, folding automatically as it does, into the roof space.

Vertical fold-up curtains are available in the following fabric types / weights (and each curtain has two separate layers of this material:

  • PVC - 1.2kg per m2 in beige or blue/grey/green
  • PVC - 2.0kg per m2 in beige or blue/grey/green
  • Acoustic sound absorbing fleece backed material - 1.45kg per m2 in grey

Colour samples are available here: Acoustic curtain divider screen colour choices

The video below shows the curtain lowering into position to show the door cutout - the door can then be manually lowered if required:

The video below shows a large acoustic divider lowering between two runs of rebound screens to provide protection from ball impacts at low level: