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Wall bars - timber

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Traditional gym timber wall bars for strength and conditioning work and to use with attached linking, bridging and strength training apparatus

Price from: £429.00
Price from: £429.00

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Traditional timber wallbars manufactured by Continental in the UK to BS1892 / 1972 standards. Supplied in single or multiple bay units, 2.7m (9') high with 18 horizontal oval timber rails in each bay.

Supplied in either standard floor fixed or "hygienic" arrangement - i.e. lifted off the floor to allow for easier cleaning underneath.

Pricing is for supply only of the wall bars, but if you require installation by Continental's installation engineers please add wall bar installation to your basket.

These items require floor fixings (unless using hygienic type) and provision must be made if you have underfloor heating in your hall.

Each bay is 840mm wide to the centre of the uprights, with 16.5mm of upright on both sides. Overall widths are therefore:

  • 1 bay = 873mm wide
  • 2 bays = 1,713mm wide
  • 3 bays = 2,553mm wide
  • 4 bays = 3,393mm wide
  • 5 bays = 4,233mm wide
  • 6 bays = 5,073mm wide