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Air Twisting Ring and Belt

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***BRAND NEW*** Air filled belt within a twisting ring. The world's most comfortable, snug-fitting twisting belt

Price from: £2,209.00
Price from: £2,209.00

Full Description

The Air Twisting Belt is an amazing innovation in training for trampolining and tumbling.

The belt features a cast aluminium outer gimble ring, with an inflatable air filled inner belt to hold the gymnast securely, comfortably and snuggly.

The Air Twisting Belt is incredibly easy to put on and remove, comfortable to wear and holds the gymnast perfectly centrally within the aluminium ring itself.

In addition, the actual Twisting ring is always horizontal when it is in position on the user. As the belt is inflated, the Air belt section closes firmly and snuggly around the body of the user.

The belt feels like a part of the body, so it is very easy to perform somersaults and twists.

The Air Twisting Belt is available in two sizes which each accomodate a wide range of waist sizes:

  • SMALL to suit waist 60cm - 90cm (24" - 35")
  • LARGE to suit waist 75cm - 125cm (30" - 49")
Each Air Twisting Belt is supplied with one foot pump used to inflate the belt. The hose has an easy to use twist-lock adaptor to connect the pump to the belt. Sufficient inflation usually requires one to three presses of the foot pump until the gymnast feels a snug firm fit.

It is extremely easy and quick to get in and out of the belt:

  • Put the belt on
  • Inflate the Air Belt using the foot pump (1-3 inflations from the foot pump) and insert the twist-lock closure
  • When finished, simply remove the belt by opening the air valve in the Air Belt.

The video below shows this this innovative new training aid: