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  1. BAGJUMP Air-Pit

    The new freestanding Air-Pit from BAGJUMP - an easy to set up, movable, above ground landing "pit" for gymnastics landing activities

    Price from: £5,660.00
  2. Global Airtrack - Air Roll

    The "Air Roll" inflatable backflip trainer from Global Airtrack

    Price from: £218.00
  3. Global Airtrack - HOME

    The Global Airtrack HOME series comprises two versions - 10cm deep and 15cm deep. Ideal tracks for home workouts indoors or outdoors

    Price from: £375.00
  4. Global Airtrack - CLUB

    The Global Airtrack - CLUB series provides tracks with a thickness of 200mm for higher level practice or professional use

    Price from: £844.00
  5. Global Airtrack - PERFORMANCE

    The Global Airtrack - PERFORMANCE series provides tracks with a thickness of 300mm providing an exceptional rebound quality designed for elite jumpers

    Price from: £1,288.00
  6. PitZone Mat

    PitZone mat. Inflatable mat to provide firmer landings in a foam filled dismount pit. Also perfect when used in Freestyle and Parkour as a "tricking floor"

    Price from: £3,572.00
  7. Airtrack+

    AirTrack+ sealed airtrack tumbling piste with flat surface. Does not need permanently attached blower!

    Price from: £3,207.00
  8. AirSpring Mat

    The AirSpring mat - an easy to use, quick to inflate cushioned air mat to practise tumbling and tricking

    Price from: £824.00
  9. The Flip Machine

    Catch some serious air with the "Flip Machine" - a brand new product from Continental and PE-Redskaber for gymnastics, Parkour and cheerleading. Ideal for Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour / Tricking training!

    Price from: £526.00
  10. Continental Catcher for Airtrack

    Inflatable landing module designed for the Airtrack but suitable for a number of landing uses

    Price from: £2,919.00
  11. Global Airtrack blower

    The Global Airtrack blower - the "Yellow Elephant Blower"

    Price from: £149.00
  12. Hitachi blower

    Hitachi blower to suit the PE-Redskaber range of air products

    Price from: £150.00

12 Items

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