Ancillary Equipment

From training aides, to floor anchorages, to scoreboards for your competitions, Continental manufactures a range of useful products for your gym.

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  1. Cableless low training bar

    Cableless training bar. Available with a polished metal bar, or a timber veneered fibreglass bar

    Price from: £947.00
  2. Freestanding ballet barre

    Portable freestanding height adjustable ballet barre with lacquered solid timber 2m long barre

    Price from: £248.00
  3. Global Airtrack - Air Roll

    The "Air Roll" inflatable backflip trainer from Global Airtrack

    Price from: £218.00
  4. Gymnastics scoreboard

    Manually operated 360 degree gymnastics scoreboard

    Price from: £686.00
  5. Wall storage hooks / brackets

    Storage hooks for storing linking and bridging equipment - available in pairs of one, two or three hooks

    Price from: £107.00
  6. Cable protection padding

    PVC covered foam sleeves for protecting gymnasts and coaches from apparatus tension cables.

    Price from: £52.00
  7. Height adjustable retractable platform

    Height adjustable retractable coaching platform for all apparatus

    Price from: £820.00
  8. High bar / uneven bar floor supports

    Floor supports for training on high bar or uneven bar (bar not included). Sold as a PAIR

    Price from: £166.00
  9. SPIETH - Handstand bowls

    Handstand bowls for practice of handstand on gymnastics rings (SOLD AS A PAIR)

    Price from: £231.00
  10. SPIETH - Handstand swing

    Handstand swing trainer

    Price from: £322.00
  11. SPIETH - Half-moon for wall bars

    Padded shape for attachment to wall bars for gymnastics and strength training

    Price from: £520.00
  12. SPIETH - Flic-Flac Trainer

    Flic-Flac trainer for learning handspring and backflip moves

    Price from: £233.00

Items 1-12 of 39

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