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Sports hall wall panelling / Impact panels

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The complete solution to the internal panelling of your sports hall. These attractive, impact resistant panels are available in solid impact versions and perforated acoustic versions. SUPPLY ONLY or SUPPLIED AND INSTALLED by Continental Sports technicians.


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We are pleased to offer this Sports Hall Wall Panelling solution to the internal walls of your sports facility. Available in your choice of over 80 plain and 20 woodgrain effect colours! 

This durable panelling system provides a floor to soffit solution using a combination of the two types of panels (or one type only if preferred):

  • Solid impact panels
  • Perforated acoustic panels

The two types of panels can be used from floor to soffit so attractive patterns can be created using the perforated panels in combination with the solid panels. The panels can be mounted in brick bond, or stack bond and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to create an individual aesthetic to suit your facility.

If a low level impact panel solution is preferred, we can complement this panelling system with our Trevira fabric wall cladding system from the top of the panels to the soffit.

A timber vertical/horizontal studwork support frame may be required on your wall - we can advise based on the construction of the wall. A black acoustic fleece is placed over the studwork to hide the shadow gap between the panels and to render the black metal panel support brackets invisible.

The panels are then installed using the supplied secret clips to ensure a consistent 7mm spacing between adjoining boards. Insulation must be incorporated behind the panels to achieve acoustic performance and enhance thermal efficiency.

To achieve Class C acoustic performance with the perforated panels (if required) we install a layer of insulation (Rockwool or similar) behind the panels and acoustic fleece material. For higher specification acoustic performance, many sports hall projects combine these panels with our Class A fabric faced high density glass fibre acoustic panels.

Panels are 18mm thick and are available in two sizes:

  • 2.4m x 1.2m
  • 2.4m x 0.6m
We are pleased to provide these panels on a supply only basis. Our supply only package includes:
  • Panels - we calculate the quantity required including a normal number of spare panels
  • Clips - including fixings to fix the panels to your sub-structure
  • Fleece fabric - to fill the shadow gaps and to sit behind the perforated panels for acoustic properties
  • Arrangement drawings - bespoke CAD and PDF drawing pack showing the elevation of all walls and the arrangement of the panels
  • Installation instructions
  • Telephone or Teams call support helpline for your installers
In addition to the supply only package we can supply and install a suitable sub-structure (timber patressing or timber studwork depnding on the construction of your building.
We provide a separate quotation for provision of access equipment and installation of the panels by Continental Sports in-house installation technicians
If there is an interface between the sports equipment and the wall panels - e.g. if wall fixed basketball goals are to penetrate through the panels, then if we are also providing the sports equipment we undertake the necessary coordination work between the panels and the sports equipment
Please contact one of our Technical Sales Team by email: or call on 01484 542 051 to discuss your requirements and for a bespoke quotation to suit your sports hall project.



Durability & Impact Resistance – Provides superior impact resistance from balls, equipment and hall users. This allows for both solid and acoustic panels to be fitted from floor to soffit.

Time & Cost Savings – The structural integrity of the panels enables them to be installed as an independent wall system which can be fixed directly to studwork. This eliminates the need for blockwork and other wet trades, providing a fast and efficient installation.

Factory Finished – Every panel is factory finished with a low maintenance, UV resistant, durable surface that does not require re-finishing over the life of the product.

Secret Clip Fixings – The supplied secret clips offer a fast and easy panel installation which eliminate unsightly surface fixings. They also provide a consistent spacing between adjoining boards.

Fire Performance – The panels are fire rated to comply with Building Regulations, Sport England, Sport Scotland and the Department of Education - Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements.

Colours - The panels are available in a range of colours & wood effects to provide a modern appearance that complements the sports floor, any Treviara fabric cladding, or your wall colour. Our sports hall wall panelling colour chart is avavailable here

Functional and Attractive - Internal Sports Walling is becoming the preferred choice for Sports Halls.