Sports Hall Design

We are regularly asked by architects, end users, builders and others for assistance with the design of indoor sports facilities. We are always pleased to help. We have fitted out more sports halls than any other company in the UK and have a vast database of projects so it is likely we will have come across any issue, concern or situation with which you need assistance.

  1. What sports hall design resources do you recommend?
  2. What should the dimensions of my sports hall be?
  3. How high should I build my sports hall?
  4. What colour should I paint the walls of my sports hall?
  5. How should I set out my lights in the sports hall?
  6. I have a central run of lighting and a central division net. How do I accommodate both in my sports hall?
  7. My client wants to play high level cricket practice in the sports hall as well as badminton. How do I install lights to fulfil both requirements?
  8. I have seen specific guidance for badminton which states the lighting should be at 5m above the floor. How does this work with the clear height requirements?
  9. What secondary steelwork am I likely to need to install in my sports hall?
  10. Does the construction of my floor have to take into account the sports equipment?
  11. Can you advise on the sports hall storeroom size, doors and layout?
  12. Sport England ask for walls to be flush, so how do I deal with needing visible fire call points?