Five a side rebound screens / sports hall dividers

Sports hall rebound screensContinental Sports' rebound screens are used primarily to divide larger halls into smaller spaces to allow simultaneous activities on different courts within one hall.

For example a 6-badminton court hall can easily be divided into two 3-court areas to allow 2 simultaneous games of five a side, or one game of five a side at the same time as cricket practice in the other half of the hall.

Additionally rebound screens can be used for the following:

  • to create walkways or viewing areas at the ends of halls
  • to protect climbing walls from damage when not in use
  • to provide flush barriers in front of recesses or storerooms

Rebound screens require sockets in the slab and potentially bushing covers to be installed and therefore coordination with the floor construction, the sports flooring and any underfloor services is vital. We have available for download at the foot of the page our drawing SH-09 showing generic construction and detail drawings.

For sales and product information regarding Continental's rebound screens please see our Sports Hall Dividers / Rebound Screen products

Most manufacturers offer a choice of blue or green for rebound screens. We offer 36 colours, patterns and textures. For colour options to suit your facilty please refer to our rebound screen colour chart

Categories: Standard drawings - loadings, fixings and general arrangement