Weights, benches & racks

A selection of dumbells, weights and bars including kits.

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  1. Multi Adjustable Bench

    Multi-adjustable weights bench. Adjustable from -10° to +80° (in 7 steps)

    Price from: £606.00
  2. Impulse IT7 Seated Preacher Curl

    Seated preacher curl bench for arm curl exercises

    Price from: £420.00
  3. Impulse IT7 Olympic Incline Bench

    Olympic incline bench for chest press exercise

    Price from: £820.00
  4. Impulse IT7 Olympic Flat Bench

    Olympic flat bench for bench press training

    Price from: £763.00
  5. Impulse IT7 Olympic Decline Bench

    Olympic Decline Bench for decline bench press training

    Price from: £820.00
  6. Impulse IT7 Multi-Adjustable Abdominal Bench

    Multi-adjustable bench for a wide range of bench workouts

    Price from: £612.00
  7. Impulse IT7 Flat Bench

    Basic flat exercise workout bench from the IT7 range

    Price from: £364.00
  8. Impulse IT7 Ab bench

    Abdominal training bench

    Price from: £690.00
  9. Impulse IT7 Chin Up and Dip attachment
    Price from: £264.00
  10. Impulse IT7 Vertical Knee Raise

    Vertical knee raise bench for abdominal strengthening exercise

    Price from: £617.00
  11. Impulse IT7 Stretch Bench

    Multi-position full body strething machine for reduced muscle tightness post-workout

    Price from: £450.00
  12. Impulse IT7 Seated Calf Raise

    Seated calf raise bench

    Price from: £450.00

Items 25-36 of 62

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