Continental manufactures indoor hockey goals for indoor games with hockey sideboards to ensure the ball stays on the playing surface.

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  1. Storage trolley for Futsal, Handball and hockey goals

    Storage trolley for the safe keeping and easy transportation of a pair of 3m x 2m goals for Futsal, handball or hockey

    Price from: £607.00
  2. Indoor hockey goals with backboards and nets from Continental Sports Ltd

    Indoor hockey goals with backboards and complete with nets. Price is per PAIR of goals.

    Price from: £1,355.00
  3. Hockey sideboard storage trolley

    Storage trolley designed for a set of hockey sideboards / rebound boards

    Price from: £667.00
  4. Hockey sideboards

    Interlocking portable hockey sideboards (also known as hockey rebound boards)

    Price from: £50.00
  5. Floor anchors for indoor goals

    Floor anchors to secure indoor five-a-side, hockey or handball goals when wall anchoring is not feasible

    Price from: £216.00
  6. Wall anchors for indoor goals

    Wall anchored goal securing system for indoor goals. Always ensure your goals are secure and safe to use

    Price from: £189.00
  7. Five-a-side goal storage brackets

    Storage brackets to enable one pair of five a side, hockey or futsal goals to be stored on the storeroom wall

    Price from: £218.00

7 Items

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