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Sports hall division nets / curtains

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Sports hall division netting and curtains. Typically installed to divide sports halls into useful areas. Manually retractable


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Continental design, manufacture and install division netting / curtains for schools, universities, leisure centres and other facilities across the UK. Supporting trackway is manufactured to Continental's own design from heavy duty box section extruded aluminium. The design of the trackway enables us to install netting into sports halls with widely differing roof structures.

To enable the optimum layout to be achieved and to avoid obstructions such as doors, viewing galleries, doors and ventilation ducting, trackway crossovers and curves can be incorporated into the system.

The netting is supported by heavy duty runners to provide smooth deployment and storage.

Nets are stored in heavy duty PVC pouches to protect and keep nets clean when not in use whilst at the same time avoiding interference with other activities.

Unlike some companies, we will only install nets and screens which feature lanyards to support the canvas. The cheap way to provide netting is to simply clip or sew the canvas screen to the net - but this is a false economy and should be avoided. Clipping on canvas looks fine on the day of installation but the weight of the canvas will distort the shape of the netting over time and instead of square mesh, the mesh becomes elongated meaning the canvas screen will eventually drape on the floor causing a trip hazard and an unsightly and messy net. Instead, we sew in nylon webbing tabs every 450mm of the canvas screen and the attach nylon lanyard cords to those tabs and tie them to the trolley in the trackway above so that all the weight of the canvas is taken up to those trolleys and the canvas therefore does not impose a load on the net. This means your Continental net will look perfect on both day one and every day thereafter.

All netting can be provided to flame retardant specification BS 5867-2:2008 type A and B performance.

Sport hall divider nets are traditionally manufactured in green or blue, but we now offer black as a standard colour for halls that want to "de-sportify" the look of their hall when being used for non-sporting events. We can also supply netting and canvas specially dyed in other colours (possibly subject to a minimum order quantity).

Please call to discuss your requirements. Once we have all the information we need which will include architects drawings of your sports hall, we will provide advice on the optimal layout and a firm quotation for supply and installation of your division netting.