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Vaulting table - monopod

Vaulting table 2013 - monopod


Vaulting table with a sprung fibreglass body covered in genuine hide and fixed on a central column with hydraulic height adjustment

Price from: £2,699.00

Vaulting table - bi-pod legs

Vaulting table - bi-pod legs


Vaulting table with a sprung fibreglass body covered in genuine hide and fixed on two height adjustable legs

Price from: £1,757.00

The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table

The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table


The "Tarpan" TeamGym vaulting table from PE-Redskaber.  Designed in conjunction with TeamGym UK

Price from: £2,537.00

Vaulting horse

Vaulting horse


Traditional vaulting horse with a genuine hide cover and an integral sprung body to provide rebound assistance to the gymnast

Price from: £1,104.00

Spieth - Competition vaulting table Pegases

Spieth - Competition vaulting table Pegases


Vaulting table Pegases from Spieth - FIG Approved

Price from: £3,541.00

Vaulting buck

Vaulting buck


Traditional vaulting buck upholstered in hide

Price from: £545.00

Foam vaulting table

Foam vaulting table


Modular foam vaulting table in three useful sections with a curved vaulting table style top covered in suedette

Price from: £1,032.00

Vaulting table - padded pedestal base.  Supplied in RED pvc as standard

Vaulting table - padded pedestal base


Set of two padded pvc covered modules that link together.  Provides attractive additional padding to the base of a Continental monpod vaulting table

Price from: £603.00

Monopod vaulting table - safety padding

Monopod vaulting table - safety padding


FIG mandated padding for the central column of Continental's monopod vaulting table

Price from: £165.00

Sprung vault trainer shown on the coaching block set - high position

Vault trainer coaching block set


A set of coaching blocks onto which Continental's vault trainer can be attached to enable its usage at different heights.

Price from: £371.00

Showing 1 to 10 of 21 products.

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