UK Trampoline Parks

The map below shows all trampoline parks that we are aware of in the UK. The UK now has 189 trampoline parks open or virtually open. Last updated: 11/07/2016


Trampoline park from Continental Sports Ltd

36 UK Trampoline parks using Continental's trampoline park equipment (including Continental parks that are open or are under construction and opening soon)

Trampoline park

153 UK Trampoline parks using non-Continental equipment


In addition to Continental's UK parks, we have recently started developing our business outside the UK with parks in Luxembuorg, Barcelona and Paris. And more to follow....

For details of all Continental's trampoline parks see the map below:

If you are a trampoline park owner / operator and you have a park open in the UK that we have not added to our map, please email and we will be pleased to add your park.  Please note that for inclusion on our map you must be open (we do not accept non-Continental "coming soon" or "vapourware" parks as we are unable to confirm their authenticity).

If you are researching the UK trampoline park market and need additional information, please do not hesitate to call and talk to one of our technical sales representatives, or arrange to come to our Huddersfield factory (with a small demo trampoline park) to see how we manufacture trampoline parks and to discuss your project.  In the meantime, please download our helpful guide to building a trampoline park:

To see the range of trampoline park equipment we offer please click here

Continental Sports guide to starting a trampoline park

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