Timber Frames, Beams & Wall Bars

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  1. Timber 3-gate Foldaway climbing frame

    Timber 3-gate Foldaway wall hinged climbing frame complete with stabilising ladders

    Price from: £4,079.00
  2. 3-gate mat system for timber Foldaway climbing frame - Full Y position

    Climbing frame mats to suit the Continental 3-gate Foldaway timber climbing frame

    Price from: £659.00
  3. Wall hinged timber climbing frame. Window ladder frames. Pair of hinged frames

    Wall hinged timber climbing frames - also known as window ladder frames. Available as singles, pairs and triple arrangements.

    Price from: £1,388.00
  4. Timber wall bars

    Traditional gym timber wall bars for strength and conditioning work and to use with attached linking, bridging and strength training apparatus

    Price from: £369.00
  5. Single double cantilever beam unit

    Wall hinged cantilevered "Single / Double Beam" unit - also known as hinged booms or hinged beams

    Price from: £3,507.00
  6. Single double pull out cantilever beam with travelling upright

    Travelling upright (pull-out) cantilevered "Single / Double Beam" units

    Price from: £3,692.00
  7. Wall bar stage system with posture mirrors

    Wall fixed, foldable system providing wall bars for PE and staging for assembly / plays / performances. Optional posture mirrors behind the units for use in dance or drama

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  8. Traverse wall panels

    A great way to brighten a dull wall at any primary school - traverse wall panels suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Sold as a set of 6. Three different designs

    Price from: £1,298.00
  9. Climbing ropes added to a pair of hinged timber climbing frames to create a Southampton Cave

    Addition of three integral climbing ropes to a pair of hinged timber climbing frames (window ladder frames) to create a "Southampton Cave"

    Price from: £562.00
  10. Wall bar installation

    Installation of wall bars by one of Continental's teams of in-house installation engineers.

    Price from: £142.00
  11. Storage rail for climbing frame accessories

    Wall fixed rail for the storage of accessories such as ladders and poles for climbing frames

    Price from: £147.00
  12. Wall fixed ladder for bridging

    Wall fixed ladder used for bridging between a 3-gate climbing frame and the wall to increase the learning and development opportunities from the 3-gate frame

    Price from: £246.00

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