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SPIETH - Vaulting table "Pegases" TeamGym

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Competition vaulting table from SPIETH - the "Pegases". Suitable for TeamGym with height adjustment from 125cm to 165cm

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Vaulting table from Spieth for TeamGym use.

The Pegases has many revolutionary features. It features good visibility of the large push-off area and a focus on safety. Its excellent dynamic characteristics reduce the risk of injury to the gymnast.

The Pegases is more than a piece of competition equipment and is ideal for training situations for all ages of gymnasts thanks to the smooth height adjusting system, maximum forces of 2500N on the hands and a clear push-off area.

The Pegases features:

Height adjustable: Height is adjustable from 125 - 165cm (to suit the requirements of TeamGym) in 5cm increments using a gas spring loaded mechanism for smooth and easy handling. Adjusted using one single handle to operate the height adjustment system and the included safety lock mechanism. All mechanisms have been placed inside the support column for increased safety. Height changes will only take a few seconds. A clear height indication is shown on the side of the table.

Construction: Robust steel construction, galvanised and epoxy coated.

Fine adjustment: All feet are height adjustable to compensate for irregularities of the floor

Protection: New protection with a high absorption capacity foam to minimise the risk of injuries. The floor fixations are also incorporated in the foam cover.

Push-off area: New foams on the push-off area offer a very comfortable touch while improved dynamics are guaranteed. Even dynamic properties over the entire surface. Placed at an angle of 3° for a perfect visibility at the start of the run-up. Covered with non-skid fabric and a clear marked ‘no-touch’ zone.

Transport: Integral transport system is an optionally available extra.