Continental FIG approved trampolines are renowned for their quality and performance. They are used in World, International and National competitions as well as in schools and trampolining clubs throughout the UK. We also manufacture a full range of ancillary items for use with your trampolines.

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Trampoline throw in mat - 100mm in red

Trampoline throw in mat


PVC covered mat with sturdy handles on one side

Price from: £139.00

End deck spotting platform with wedge mat.  Image shows ONE deck.  Price is for TWO decks and mats.

End deck spotting platforms with wedge mats


Folding wheelaway safety platform attaches to trampoline frame. Compression springs fitted on the uprights. Price is for TWO decks and mats to suit one trampoline (image shows ONE deck with mat).

Price from: £1,674.00

"Safelift" hydraulically assisted roller stands

"Safelift" hydraulically assisted roller stands


"Safelift" hydraulically assisted trampoline roller stands lower trampolines to fit under standard doors and make heavy trampolines easier to set up and put away

Price from: £680.00

Trampoline cover - school trampoline

Trampoline cover


PVC lockable trampoline cover for a trampoline.

Price from: £184.00

Spotting platform wedge mat - standard size

Spotting platform wedge mat


Trampoline spotting platform wedge mat to suit Continental end deck spotting platforms

Price from: £514.00

Double wedge middle mat - standard size

Double wedge middle mat


Double wedge mat to provide additional protection between two end-to-end trampolines

Price from: £376.00

Trampoline foam steps

Trampoline foam steps


Foam steps for access to trampolines.  Combination of foams for strength and cushioning.

Price from: £637.00

Agility belt without straps for use with a spotting rig

Agility belt


Agility belt (allows summersaults but not twists) for use with a trampoline spotting rig or with two spotters at floor level

Price from: £81.00

Twisting belt with no straps for use with a spotting rig

Twisting belt


Twisting belt (allows summersaults and twists) for use with a trampoline spotting rig or with two spotters at floor level

Price from: £662.00

Spotting rig

Spotting rig


Roof fixed trampoline spotting rig with wall fixed tie-off cleat

Price from: £831.00

Showing 1 to 10 of 13 products.

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Specifier Downloads

SH-05: Spotting rig - horizontal

File Size: 45.75 KB

Typical arrangement for a spotting rig under a horizontal roof

SH-13: Spotting rig - pitched

File Size: 43.99 KB

Typical arrangement of a spotting rig under a pitched roof


Trampolining is a spectacular sport that can require a top trampolinist to reach heights of 10...

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