Roller Stand Safety Storage System - "R4S"

Stop your roller stands being a hazard when using your trampolines with this easy to use safety system to help store and transport the stands whilst off the trampoline

Product Reference : 2308RSSSSA

Your Price: £48.00

When roller stands are removed from a trampoline (fixed height or SafeLift) they are often placed on the floor near the trampoline or leant up against a nearby wall.

This results in a safety hazard - if they are on the floor they are a trip hazard, and the hard protrusions, especially on SafeLift stands are a significant risk if people were to trip and fall onto them. Stands leant against a wall can easily fall and injure people or damage sports hall floors.

The new Roller Stand Safety Storage System or "R4S" is an incredibly simple addition to your roller stands that lets you easily fasten a pair of stands together so that their four wheels create a stable base enabling you to move the stands quickly and easily to a safe location away from the trampolines and people - perhaps into the storeroom.

The R4S is supplied with a PVC storage pouch with simple spring hook to let you store the pouch on the folded trampoline while in storage. When you have set up the trampoline, simply remove the connector from the pouch and attach to the two spigots on the stands, tightening the two hand screws to hold it securely in place.

One person can then easily and quickly move the two stands together to a safe location.


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