Timber Frames

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  1. "Southampton Cave" adaptation to a pair of timber frames

    Addition of three integral climbing ropes to a pair of hinged timber climbing frames (window ladder frames) to create a "Southampton Cave"

    Price from: £520.00
  2. Cantilever beam units (single/double beams)

    Cantilevered "Single / Double Beam" unit - also known as hinged booms or hinged beams

    Price from: £3,202.00
  3. Timber 3-gate "Foldaway" climbing frame

    Timber 3-gate Foldaway wall hinged climbing frame complete with stabilising ladders

    Price from: £3,819.00
  4. Padded tension clamp safety cover

    Padded tension clamp cover for the tension clamp used with all climbing frames that utilise an overhead tensioning cable - rope frames, cantilevered beam units, hinged timber frames and Two-in-Ones.

    Price from: £102.00
  5. Wall bar mounted ring trainer

    Mounted onto wall bars this training aid is ideal for strengthening work and ring practice

    Price from: £373.00
  6. Wall fixed ladder for bridging

    Wall fixed ladder used for bridging between a 3-gate climbing frame and the wall to increase the learning and development opportunities from the 3-gate frame

    Price from: £191.00
  7. Traverse wall install

    Installation by Continental's in-house technicians of one set of 6 traverse wall panels

    Price from: £270.00
  8. Retro-fit of a tension clamp padded cover

    Retro-fit installation of a padded tension clamp cover to an existing climbing frame

    Price from: £113.00

8 Items

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Set Descending Direction